A connected world is a healthy world

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5 min readJun 2, 2021


We are the nodes

Every human has value. Every human can contribute to the success of others. Peer to peer transactions via blockchain and other decentralized ledger technology (DLT) can connect anyone with the internet and a crypto wallet, to everyone on the planet.

Hyperconnectivity of the World

The hyperconnectivity of the world has progressed to the point where the third world and the first world meet at the commons of the internet.

Smartphones have become ubiquitous, and crypto currencies and nascent blockchain networks have begun to successfully bridge the gaps of inter-jurisdictional global payment inefficiencies.

We are connected, and we can pay each other with low fees, in close to real time, across most borders. All in service to a collective good (where we might agree on one).

The members of the EarnFi ecosystem are iterating our capacity to work together, en masse, around the world, and provide opportunities to those who need it most. It’s not a “solve”. It does not need to be. It just needs to be an effective next technological sliver to bridge the gap. We can do it, so we are obligated to build it. The very nature of decentralized and exponential technology will take it from there. If you put your ear to the ground and listen to what the world is saying, I think you’ll agree as we do, that this is an inevitability.

The Problem of Inaccessible Income

Nearly half the Earth’s population is surviving on less than $5.50 per day (UN 2018). Increasing access to income by even an extra dollar or two for those people increases their income by 20 to 50%. Access to digital work, and the ability to develop additional digital skills can, for those with initiative, increase income up to 500% or more almost overnight.

A 2018 World Bank report concluded that the world’s poorest were more likely to own a mobile phone than a toilet, and that this “is not necessarily a good thing.” Everyone should have access to sanitation and plumbing.

However, the world’s poorest choosing a cellphone over a toilet is indicative of our collective belief that when we connect, we find opportunity, and maybe even peace.

Internet Access Provides Opportunity

Internet access and the opportunities that come with it have been slow to reach the world’s poorest communities. But global initiatives are speeding up.

Hi Speed Access as a United Nations sustainable development goal, Elon Musk’s StarLink high speed global satellite internet company, and other NGO’s are beginning to increase access to the world’s poor at an exponential rate.

Centralized platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and even Amazon’s “Mechanical Turk” system are growing to connect those new digital citizens with work.

Inaccessible Currency

However, all of these centralized platforms suffer from the same crippling inefficiency that will make it difficult, if not impossible, to increase the quality of life for the world’s poorest–They all pay in fiat currency of one form or another.

This is a one-two punch for people trying to get a leg up. It exposes them to terrible exchange rates, high transaction and/or transfer fees, and subjects them to the unstable monetary value that their entire country may be suffering from.

In Venezuela, due to the instability of the local currency, I’ve come to learn that the only people who have a chance of thriving are those who are able to transact for their goods or labor in USD, Bitcoin, or other crypto currencies.

Venezuela is an extreme example, but a highly relevant one, as all of these characteristics are in play for every population in every country around the world. Regardless of the scale at which these economic and political liabilities may exist, there is another unifying common factor:

The Poor are Unbanked

All the problems and opportunities are converging. Centralized platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and even Amazon cannot, by their very nature, provide for the most vulnerable of the world.

The world’s poor know that opportunity exists for them if they could only get connected to the internet of opportunities. They believe this so ardently, that they have prioritized getting connected to the internet before securing effective plumbing.

EarnFi Bridges the Gap

EarnFi immediately bridges that last mile gap for the connected, yet unbanked. The prioritization of a smartphone or a computer over indoor plumbing is not a sign of poor decision making as some may believe, but a crying out across the global human network, screaming, “We are waiting to participate!”

EarnFi is a Simple, First Step Solution

Earnfi is a blockchain based ecosystem and series of dApps (decentralized applications) that allow people around the world to earn cryptocurrency for their participation in simple digital tasks. People can provide savings and yield opportunities by connecting to the world of decentralized finance.

What is EarnFi?

Simple Answer: EarnFi is a blockchain ecosystem, built initially on the Telos blockchain, centered around a decentralizing marketplace connecting buyers of digital “tasks” with people who want to perform those tasks in exchange for a small crypto payment. It also includes a set of financial tools that allow users to create savings and yield from their earnings.

Meta Answer: EarnFi is a “mechanical turk”-like platform that is also “auto-poetic” (self-reproducing and self-maintaining.) This decentralizing system uses a holistic, complex-systems approach to monetize the connectivity of people worldwide, their time, and attention, and the creation of fair and stable financial tools.

…All in service to the iterative creation of Civilization 2.0, a resilient planetary ecosystem that supports wealth, health, abundance, and world peace for Humanity on Earth.

The initial ecosystem consists of the following components:

Doug : https://douglovesyou.com/
Doug is a great way to interact with and support the small and local businesses you love. Give businesses vibes to describe them. Follow Vibes in your area to discover what’s happening.

Along the way, earn rewards, friends, and other great surprises. Earn crypto rewards for supporting the local businesses you love the most. No bad reviews. No reviews at all actually! Just positive vibes. Doug Loves You!

EarnFi : https://earnfi.com/ & http://www.earnfi.ai/

EarnFi.com will be the advertising and education site for EarnFi and the EarnFi ecosystem, and EarnFi.io will be the dApp.

The EarnFi dApp will provide access to the EarnFi Verification Engine on the Telos blockchain for Doug and so much more.

Add EarnFi Reward Tokens and request tasks from the community. Earn tokens by completing tasks and providing verifications. Provide real human proof of work (RHPOW), and earn tokens as a reward for providing verifications of tasks completed by others.

BennyFi : https://bennyfi.io/
BennyFi is a platform that harnesses a community desire to participate in exciting rewards while safeguarding principal value.

Our platform uses customizable variables to control the duration of investment rounds and the distribution of round yields while never risking the investment principal. All of this is completed using a distributed model that avoids the diversion of assets to middlemen.

BennyFi allows participants who have received token rewards from both Doug, and the EarnFi verification engine, to pool their earnings into a yield producing DeFi product, with each participant earning a small amount of interest. A single participant will periodically win the entire yield.

Along the roadmap, anyone will be able to participate either with earned EarnFi tokens, stable coins or with tokens purchased on the exchanges.

Earn. Learn. Win.

Success and prosperity are now at the world’s fingertips. Create a wallet and join EarnFi’s ecosystem to be a part of promoting global connection, wealth, and abundance.